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Contained here is Record Labels & Companies Guide's collection of articles covering every facet of those venerable music industry organizations.

 Record Label 101

What's up with record companies, anyway? You can't send your material in, they won't take your calls -- just how do they find new artists?
 Record Company Q&A

Answers to frequently asked questions about record labels and the music industry.
 Independent Labels

Why would you sign a deal with one? This article contains some excellent reasons, by laying out the advantages of indies.
 Getting Noticed by A&R

Some good suggestions for how you can get noticed for people that make the decisions about signing bands and artists.
 Steps for Success

How you can best put together and present a musical package whereby a record company is stimulated to eventually sign you to a recording contract.
 The Press Kit

Essentially, this is going to represent you to many of the important players in the music industry. Better make it good!
 How to Present Your Demo

A look behind the scenes in the office of a person who listens to demos, torturing their brains and eardrums in the all-too-often futile search for that killer song or sound.
 Getting A Record Deal

While it may seem like a daunting task for you to find yourself an "Angel" who can get you through the pearly gates, it's not impossible.