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 • Antony Bland, American
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 • Luke Wood, Dreamworks
 • Max Grousse, Epic
 • Joel Mark, MCA
 • Tom Sarig, MCA
 • Michael Goldberg, Maverick
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Contained here is Record Labels & Companies Guide's collection of interviews with the movers and shakers of major label A&R departments.

 Antony Bland, American Recordings

As Director of A&R at American Recordings (the joint venture between Columbia Records and producer Rick Rubin), Antony has a unique take on A&R.
 Tim Devine, Columbia

Bonnie Raitt, Blind Melon and Train are just some of Tim's many, many success stories. He thinks outside the box to find career artists.
 Luke Wood, Dreamworks

He'd love to change the way commercial radio is programmed so that more records could get played, and more people were exposed to new and developing artists.
 Max Grousse, Epic

He's got his pulse on the R&B and rap markets, and is always looking for new stars.
 Joel Mark, MCA

He signed Creed when all the other labels were passing on them, and Sigur Ros, even though he knew they were not the typical radio band.
 Tom Sarig, MCA

He breaks down what really goes on in an A&R person's day -- and what he looks for in a new band.
 Michael Goldberg, Maverick

Michael shares the skinny on mangagers -- what they can and can't do for you.
 Bruce Flohr, RCA

He signed the Dave Matthews band, and helped take them from a small regional act to a major international success.