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A&R Resources

A&R Phone Numbers: search out the best entertainment industries online. Reachfame.com provides database to members to search the latest Music and Hollywood Industries contacts online

Create Music Beats, Produce Music, & more: resource for creating, producing, and selling music from the comfort of your home

Damn Good Tunes: Damn Good Tunes is the original webzine for and about the artists, songwriters and bands - the studio producers, engineers, the marketing, management and sales professionals, the media and everyone on the indie team

Hit Quarters: presenting the world's top record company A&R reps, managers, publishers and producers, including their contact info and track records, free of charge. Their unique search feature--HitTracker--will direct you to a business professional with the right skills

Mia Mind Music: a promotion and marketing company that includes an Artist & Repertoire marketing division. They use their industry contacts to handle college radio and provide national press coverage and label representation

New Music Label.com : your Ticket into the Music Business. Where singers, musicians and artists meet record labels, music managers and scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of music careers

The Recording Industry Institute: a great resource for bands and musicians looking to get signed with record companies. If you want a recording contract, they'll show you how to get signed using the secrets others don't want you to know!

Schofield and Company: offering artist and image development, marketing, promotion and PR management, tailored to your needs

StarPolish: dedicated to educating, empowering and developing musicians by providing an extensive library of business advice, interviews with established artists, and assistance from industry professionals and artists