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Independent Labels

Aardvark Records: Aardvark Records is one of the rising stars of the UK music industry. It's a staunchly independent record label with a growing roster of original, new talent covering a variety of music genres

Alcatraz Production: a label specializing in noisy and other subculture artists. They accept unsolicited demos

Alchemy Records

Alive or Lifeless: an inclusive independent group, production team and record label representing the Maryland/D.C. area for Rap/Hip-Hop street music

Allegro Records

All That Productions, Inc.: a Nashville based Entertainment company that offers a Record Label and Publishing Company, in addition to Music Production and Artist Development

Alternate Records: eclectic, independant and underground, with only two objectives: quality and originality

Alula Records: an independent contemporary world music label specializing in african, latin, flamenco, celtic, gypsy, and other world music sounds

American Eagle Recordings: American Eagle Recordings is a successful full service label with national retail distribution. They don't specialize in a particular genre but welcome submissions from artists playing all types of music

Atom Sounds: the Indie Record label promoting music and artists that MUST BE HEARD, site includes biogs, MP3 links and CDs to purchase

Band Minus Label: Band Minus Label showcases unsigned and indie label music from around the world. Add your band, find a band or listen to new unsigned music

Barcelona Music: Thomas Lorenzo's official management and record company

Black Eye Records: offering hip hop downloads & CDs by their artists

Blind Pig Records

Bliss/Aquamarine: based in Birmingham, UK, a non-profit tape label started in 1993 to help promote indiepop, noisepop and various other styles which are not easy to categorize

Blue Baron Productions: Chicago based production company, headed by Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld

Blue Earth Records: Nashville based independent label releasing alternative country, modern country and new age

Boat Rocker Records: dedicated to production, promotion and distribution of independent music for artists dedicated to creating good, clean music. Non-exclusive, fair and honorable contracts with the welfare of the artist a top priority

Buckyball Music: home of synergetic fusion, and some of the hottest jazz alternative recordings available on an indie label

CBC Records/Les disques SRC

Chemical Emissions: a small UK independent record label with many affections for the Gothic and Punk side of music but all sorts of styles find their way into their CD decks

Clear Blue Records: California indie label specializing in hip-hop with a Southern flavor (Purty South hip-hop), electronica, and more

Clou Records: main artist is Murat Ses, a keyboard player and composer with strong eurasian electronic elements. A growing number of newer artists such as Nereid's Dance and Vulture Corp are attracting audiences worldwide

Coming in Second: a small label out of Boise, Idaho specializing in indie- and experimental pop. Roster includes The Feelings, Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra, Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive, the Microphones, and Central Boise Library

Different Lands: vertical portal devoted to world fusion music and visual arts. One of the most important online and offline reference points

DIS Productions: the dark side of Belarusian electro includes record label, radio and record studio production

Down The Pike Records: an independent record label from Bennington, Vermont

D-Town Records: a full service record label Company, specializing in entertainment. They pride themselves on grooming and cultivating artists. Their primary mission is to help artists perfect their craft

Energise Records: independent label which specializes in dance mixes. Famous for a dance version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with Niki French on vocals

Ensemble 770: online record label and outlet for the many recording projects of a small group of Sydney musicians. Services include web design, film scoring, sound design, live audio and graphic arts

Fahrenheit Records: Fahrenheit Records, LLC is an independent record label run and operated by local artists and musicians in Philadelphia

Foundation Records: hip-hop label located in Fresno, California

Fulmination Records: independent record label in the UK, featuring the band Exhibit A

Hangout Recordings: premier music and entertainment portal providing music fans with artists and bands, the latest music technology, and a little bit of faith and ministry

Happy Way Records: transcending all barriers - Making Happy Artists - The Independent label of choice focusing on Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Soul

IllyRap Recordings: specializing in Hip Hop/R&B instrumentals and lyrics

Indie Music Stop: Indie Music site with reviews and featured bands

Klavar Recordings: independent record label catering to different genres of music. Klavar Recordings hopes to increase the amount of artists under their label. Artists interested in contacting Klavar Recordings can find details on the contacts page

L.A. Records: gateway for songwriters and artists to be distributed to many major artist managers, major distributors, major publishing and record companies, trade publications, etc., for serious consideration

Lucky Roll Records: produces the unique beats for their artists and have produced beats for other artists in Detroit and areas in Canada including Chatham and Toronto

Matchbox Records: Independent Music and Artist download site

Mi5 Recordings: independent record label based in Manchester, UK. Division of Mi5 Recordings of New York, US. Artist friendly diverse roster, which includes Jesus Jones and Blue Mocking Birds

Moving Key Productions: a Music Production Company with a passion to produce the best possible "Record Breaking Hits" for all aspiring artists

Neverwhere Records

New Music Label: has been created as a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers. Today, the NML community continues to grow with more and more Singers, Musicians, Producers, Agents and Record Labels looking to us. Aspiring individuals have a relaxed environment to meet others in the industry from all across the globe.

No Cover Productions: an independent record label from the Metro Detroit area specializing in all styles of Blues music, ranging from the more traditional Delta & Chicago styles to the current rocking Blues sound, featuring the best Detroit area Blues artists. Their goal is to bring Detroit Blues to the world

Onzou Records: Yaya Diallo's West African music with traditional drums, balafon, and occidental instruments

Overground Records: Overground Records releases punk rock, anarcho punk, proto punk and other interesting reissues. Whilst the core of the catalogue is punk there are many other interesting releases and they shall continue with their policy of releasing anything they like

Partridge Records: Partridge Records & Music LLC is an independent record label and music publisher based in Portland, Maine USA. Partridge Records and Partridge Music have been established to support independent artists and song writers in the local New England Market

Proximity Records: is dedicated to the best in underground progressive rock, melodic rock, heavy rock, symphonic rock and indie rock; and features the music of Elegant Simplicity and Bjorn Lynne

Psychedelic Records: located in Los Angeles, California. Features music in the styles of Psy Trance, Progressive Trance, House, GOA, and Chill Out

Questionable Rekords: questionable rekords, real music for real people

Red Night Records Inc: an Independent Record Label. Styles of music we work with: Rock, Alternative, Dance, Electronic

Red Stream: black metal, death metal, doom metal, ambient, industrial, experimental label and distributor

Rising Records: a small independent label, with Analogue, Digital and Mobile recording, mix-down production facilities and short-run mastering capability. Produces original and commercial music, including background music for film/video, presentations and multimedia


Shroom Productions: a record company and indie distributor located in Houston, TX, focusing on progressive and psychedelic music

Shut Eye Records: based in Atlanta, GA, they are an independent, artist-operated label that is focused on the college radio set

Silk Brocade - Acoustic Guitar CD Sable Mountain Records - Ken Mahren: Unique, Innovative and Original New Age Music Acoustic Guitar Music CD, 'Truly Beautiful'.. 'A Gift From The Heart'

Silver Dragon Records: based in Houston, Texas. Features alternative music including alternative rock, progressive rock, experimental rock, emo, progressive metal and alternative metal bands. Free resources for local musicians, tips on demo submission, music links, club and band reviews, recording information, and much more

Smasheasy: artist-owned label collective, based at The Outlook studio in the mountains of New England. Recording as solo artists, groups, and ensembles, they produce an eclectic range of music from the "smash" of metal to the "easy" of ambient instrumentals

Solarise Records: a new resource to help showcase, promote and sell the music of talented, original, independent artists from any genre, from any country

SoulSearch Music: an independent record label that explores the soul in Jazz, Folk and World Music

Sun Studio

Syndakit Studios: Syndakit Studios boasts professional line equipment and software applications. A team of artists, producers, and promoters cater to artists from around the globe

Syphrus Recordings: an east coast / mid-atlantic indie label located outside of Washington, DC

Tangled Records: founded in 2003 (San Diego), Tangled Records serves Independent musicians who have unresponsive strategies for promoting themselves and their music. By coordinating and maintaining effective promotional efforts they help artists build careers and reach their audience

Tough Luck Records: a Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B based label located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Traveler Records: a growing indie label with country, western, bluegrass, gospel, pop, jazz, blues and R&B artists

Wild Oats Records: Nashville's renegade record label and music production company, specializing in American roots music

Wildplum Recordings: a micro-indie record label located in Oakland, CA., specializing in acoustic music, from singer/songwriters to string bands through chamber orchestras. Artists: Caren Armstrong, Palm Wine Boys, Celtic Elvis, Jen Spool. The best in new acoustic music from the left coast. Demos welcomed from west coast artists

Wize Records: Wize Records is a true independent record label founded by singer, songwriter, rapper, and electronic musician angie Wize

Wreckless Music: Wreckless Music offers beat production, internet studio recording, online beat distribution and custom made royalty free beats! They also operate as an independent record label

ZHELEZOBETON: A label and distributor of experimental, noise, post-industrial and just good music, based in St. Petersburg, Russia

Zuvuya Music: an independent online record label featuring Joshua Poet, Bodhisattva, Zuvuya 13:20 and others. ASCAP publishing available