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Management / Promo Web sites

8x10PromoPhotos.com: wholesale publicity & promotional photo reproduction, 8x10 glossy duplication, postcards, comp cards, business cards, for bands, musicians, actors, models, celebrities, photographers, and manufacture

Ariel Publicity: a full-service PR and gurella marketing firm that will get your name out there with record release parties and showcases, press kits, tour publicity, cyber promos, venue publicity and more

Band Websites - Tools for Music Promotion & Build Your Fan Base: websites for musicians to promote their music online. Content Management Software makes your artist site fast and easy to maintain yourself and connect with your fans. Affordable, high quality websites for your band makes MyMusicianSite.com a 'no brainer'

Black Dog Promotions: an aggressive, fast growing, Arizona-based music promotion, booking and artist management company

City Lights Entertainment: now expanding to focus on helping other musicians achieve their dreams and find success in the music industry. Through many different affiliates, they offer a variety of unique services and products including discounts through Avis Rent-A-Car, online consulting, demo reviews, Web hosting, CD manufacturing and more

Corky Promotions: single-minded passion for getting your company's releases noticed by radio

Dalin Promotions: a radio promotions company that specializes in the college and A/C radio formats; and promotes quality independent talent, whether from a small or major indie label

Dirty Red Entertainment: professional entertainment services for clients, customers and audiences. Home of artists such as Bombay Taifa, Poppie and Q45

Focus Marketing: finally...a marketing company that provides the power of customer/fan-focused and information-driven marketing techniques to artists, artists management and labels executives

GetPlayed.com: an online music community dedicated to providing amateur musicians with the thing they need most (aside from gear) - a listening audience. Visitors submit their songs into the category of their choice where they receive ratings and comments from visitors, as well as an individual play counter

Indie Music Biz Secrets: blog dedicated to helping you promote your music

Music-East West: Don't know where to start? Music-East West can provide you with strategic planning, radio/Internet promotions & personal assistant services

MusicIndustryContacts.net: Provides music-biz contact info, as well as access to promoters, managers, music attorneys, recording studios, record label contacts and more

The Music Specialist: shows you how to make educated decisions for your business and career. With your initial consulting you can also schedule a one-hour seminar with your organization or employees on producing a positive revenue generating entertainment business

My CD Extra: My CD Extra produces the CD content which offers the music fan a closer look at the recording artists or your business, with many My CD Extras containing exclusive content. It's a CD that you can play in most standard home audio CD Players to hear music/audio, and it can be played in most Windows PC CD ROM drives to view exclusive content that you want the viewer to see, read, hear and play.

Nothing Like This: offers a variety of services for the entertainment professional, including publishing, production, marketing and consulting

Rainmaker Publicity: develop young bands, service established bands, promote CD releases and tours, set up radio interviews, co-ordinate in-stores, pitch feature stories to music editors of magazines, newspapers and fanzines, pitch "live" reviews, etc.

Trice & Co: independent, experienced and down-to-earth business administration and bookkeeping for media/entertainment companies, pop groups, artists and management. Established in 1992; located in London

WorldWideOCR: Helping writers, artists, inventors and creators affordably protect their copyrights. SEAL your scripts, songs and ideas in any digital file format using our highly credible online Intellectual Property Date-stamping and Archiving Services. Save time and a lot of money!

Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group: committed to delivering informed, media-savvy public relations and training services based on a superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect both their clients and their customers and a genuine enthusiasm for what they do